Image for Gulden draak

Gulden Draak

It is a dark triple, which in itself makes it an exceptional beer. But it is the complex taste with hints of caramel, roasted...

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Image for Delirium  Tremens

Delirium Tremens

Pale blond in colour with a fine and regular effervescence which ensures a stable head. A slightly malty taste and a touch of...

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Image for Pauwel kwak

Pauwel Kwak

This warming amber-red, top fermented beer has a spicy, fruity aroma which follows through to the palate and finishes with pale malt...

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Image for 2  Karmeliet  Triple

Karmeliet Triple

Brewed from barley, wheat and oats. This beer is also heavily spiced creating a brew of some finesse and complexity with...

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