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HB Original

Bavarian lagers are known as “Helle” which are the drink of the beer garden, refreshing, spritzy, malty and delicately hopped. HB...

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HB Dunkel

Brewed using the same yeast as Original but with roasted malts to create a dark lager.

A.B.V: 5.5%

Size & Pack: 20 x 500ml...

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HB Hefe Weizen

This refreshing and fruity wheat beer is characterised by its sparkling body and rich foaming, dense head.

A.B.V: 5.1%

Size &...

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HB Schwarze Weiss

A complex beer with a dense head similar to the Hefe Weizen but with a toasty maltiness and a tartness in the aftertaste.
A.B.V: 5.1%

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Image for Paderborner  Pils

Paderborner Pils

From the town of Paderborn in North Eastern Germany is an easy drinking style Pilsener. An assertive hoppiness characteristic of Northern Germany...

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Image for Bitburger premium

Bitburger Premium

Pale gold colour, light and dry, pronounced hop flavour overrides soft maltiness in middle palate, finishes with subtle, elegant  bitterness....

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Image for Kostritzer schwarzbier

Kostritzer Schwarzbier ( Dark Lager)

Dark roasty malt, chocolate and hops aroma, bitter chocolate in the mouth, big finish packed with dark fruit chocolate and hops. Brewed under...

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Image for Schneider weisse beer original

Schneider Weisse Beer Original

Complex bouquet of banana, cloves and nutmeg, tart fruit in the mouth and creamy fruity finish with hints of bubblegum. 60% wheat / 40% barley....

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Image for Schneider aventinus weisse doppelbock

Schneider Aventinus Weisse Doppelbock

Bronze red colour due to addition of caramalt. Rich spices and chocolate aroma on palate with more spices, vinuous fruit and cloves in the finish....

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Image for Schneider hopfenweisse

Schneider Hopfenweisse

Shiny golden, slightly reddish strong wheat Doppelbock. An intense floral aroma that reminds of tropical fruit and pineapple. A powerful bitterness...

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